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Ehsan Naderi

Ehsan Naderi is Assistant Professor and Graduate Program Director of Product Design at the University of Minnesota. Before joining the University of Minnesota, he received his master's and doctoral degrees in Design with Digital Media from University of Missouri. He also holds a master's degree in Industrial Design. Dr. Naderi has taught a variety of courses in at University of Missouri's Department of Architectural Studies and Azad University of Mashhad (IAUM). His research is focused on user research and immersive environments. Along with his academic experience, Ehsan has professional work experiences as a design consultant, product designer, user experience designer/researcher, and interior designer. Some of his works have been recognized by national and international design awards in the U.S. and Europe.



  • Media Affordances and Immersive Environment

  • User Research / Consumer Perception and Behavior

  • UX and Interactive Product Design

  • Product Evaluation and Testing



  • PDES 4701: Capstone Research Studio

  • PDES 2771: Product Design Studio



  • Industrial Design Studio 1: User-Centred Product Design

  • Industrial Design Studio 2: Packaging Design

  • Industrial Design Studio 4: Creative Problem Solving

  • Industrial Design Studio 5: Design for Environment studio

  • Industrial Design Studio 7: Interior and Furniture Design

  • Industrial Design Studio 8: Design Inspired by Nature

  • Industrial Design Studio 9: Design for Manufacturing

  • Industrial Design BA Thesis

  • Design Evaluation and Analysis

  • Principles of Industrial Design 1

  • Design Communication 1 (Sketching)

  • Design Communication 2 (Rendering)

  • ARCH Design Communication 1

  • ARCH Design Studio 1

  • Model Making and Fabrication 2

  • Form and Space

  • Foundations of Visual Arts I

  • Interior Architecture 2



  • PI, Multi-display Navigation Analysis of Radiologist Desktop User Interface with Eyetracking Technology. UPMC Enterprises + GE Healthcare, Next Generation Imaging (2015).

  • Co-investigator, Immersive, Interactive, Integrative: Envisioning Media of the Future in 3-Dimensions. RJI and Mizzou Advantage. (2014-2016); PI: Bimal Balakrishnan, PhD.

  • PI, Design Optimization of Pedestrian Railings, Barriers, and Construction Site Fences in Mashhad Urban Area. Administration of Urbanism and Architecture of Mashhad Municipality: Department of Urban Design and Optimization Management. (2012).

  • Research Assistant, Investigation of J-Turn Design Factors using the ZouSim. MU iLab and ZouSim Lab, PI: Carlos Sun, PhD

  • Co-PI, Interactive Stereoscopic VR Product Advertisement. Ongoing research project at Immersive Visualization Lab (iLab)

  • Farmer, R. Khosravi, Z., Naderi, E., Mooberry, M., Balakrishnan, B., and Marshall, J., Exploring Realism and Sense of Presence in Immersive Virtual Reality Training, Society of Education in Anesthesia, Apr. 27, 2017, Jacksonville, FL.

  • Naderi, E., & Naderi, I. (2010). The Brand Image Development. Marketing and Advertisement Management, 13, pp. 46-51.

  • Naderi, E., & Naderi, I. (2008). The Process of Brand Image Formation and Development through Product Design. 2nd International Marketing Management Conference, (pp. 95-109). Tehran.

  • Gosili, A., & Naderi, E. (2008). The Brands and Product Identity. Dastavard: Iran Industrial Design Journal, 26, pp. 12-21.

  • Naderi, E. (2008). From Sketching to Concept Presentation. Dastavard: Iran Industrial Design Journal, 27, pp. 32-41.



  • Product Innovation Analyst, Khorasan Science & Technology Park, Iran, 2011

  • Advisory Board, World Industrial Design Day (2010), Mashhad, Iran (Directed by ICSID)

  • Advisor and Jury Board Member, 1st Design League Competition (2010), IAUM, Iran



  • Shortlisted Design Project, Traffic Control Device Challenge 2017, Transportation Research Board and American Traffic Safety Services Association, Washington DC.

  • Shortlisted Designs, The Next Icon in Watch Culture: BREIL-Milano timepiece design competition 2011, Italy

  • Shortlisted Designs, Fujitsu Design Award 2011: A Life with Future Computing, Fujitsu Japan Ltd. and designboom

  • 3rd Place Winner, Vision of Future Competition, 2006, World Future Society, MD, USA

  • Selected designer, UN_FOLD 2005 folding furniture design contest, City Magazine, UK



Assistant Professor

Graduate Program Director, Product Design Program

Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel

13 Rapson Hall

89 Church St. SE

Minneapolis, MN 55455

(612) 625-2449


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