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Design, Housing, and Apparel


Academic Programs in the Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel

The Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel is a unique, multidisciplinary department that addresses complex issues related to humans and their designed environment.


Undergraduate Students:


Apparel Design undergraduates use a problem-solving, research-based approach to develop clothing designs for a variety of target markets and user groups, addressing both function and aesthetics.


Graphic Design undergraduates explore visual communication and learn theoretical and applied aspects of design methods, design theory, creative problem solving, and visual and verbal literacy.


Housing Studies (We are no longer accepting applications for the Housing Studies Graduate Degree and housing certificate)


Interior Design students in the CIDA-accredited undergraduate program identify, research, and solve design problems of the immediate physical environment through an understanding of human behavior and design.


Product Design students study a unique interdisciplinary hybrid of Industrial Design, Engineering, Business, and Humanities courses.  The Product Design courses are hands-on, playful and involve a community of practice in which industry is highly involved.


Retail Merchandising undergraduate program students study store and corporate environments including merchandising, marketing, store management, visual merchandising, buying and sales promotion.


Graduate Students:


The Design Graduate Program focuses on the study of relationships between humans and their designed environments. The program addresses theory, research, and application, using a shared disciplinary base from the arts and social and behavioural sciences. The goal of the program is for students to analyze, evaluate, and integrate theoretical frameworks related to humans and their designed environments.


Tracks include Apparel Studies, Graphic Design, Housing Studies, and Interior Design.  Degree objectives incluse Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), Master of Fine Arts (MFA, Graphic Design only), and Doctor of Philosophy.  In addition, a post graduate Housing Studies Certificate is also offered. Graduate minors in Museum Studies, Product Design, and Human Factors and Ergonomics are available to currently enrolled graduate students at the University of Minnesota.


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