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Explore the relationships between humans and their designed environments with internationally recognized faculty and your graduate student peers! 


Who:   The Graduate Program of Design, Housing, and Apparel is a multidisciplinary program comprised of four emphasis areas, one of which is Housing Studies.  In the Housing Studies Track, graduate study advances both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field.  Course offerings emphasize human needs and behavior, policy and community development, analysis of designed environments, and housing for special populations.  Students are prepared to assist people in their shelter-related problems through research. 


What:   A graduate degree in Housing Studies will expand your knowledge of housing-related issues. This multidisciplinary program draws from a variety of theoretical perspectives. Students are trained in a variety of research methodologies. Coursework and research experiences combine to further your understanding of the innovative approaches to the development of housing and related programs.  Upon completion of the graduate degree, students seek housing careers in state and federal agencies, nonprofit community organizations, housing regulation, and higher education.


Degrees offered include the Master of Science (MS), the Master of Arts (MA), and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).  Upon completion of the graduate degree, students seek housing careers in state and federal agencies, nonprofit community organizations, housing regulation, and higher education. 


In addition to the master's and doctoral degree options, there is a post-baccalaureate Housing Studies Certificate.


Why:    According to a recent Maxwell report, housing is the number one concern for regional development in the Twin Cities area.   The Twin Cities metropolitan area has a large number of housing-related agencies and organizations in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors.  Nationally, there are few academic programs offering Housing Studies programs.


Where:   The St. Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  The opportunities and resources available at a major university located in an urban setting are further enhanced by state of the art computer labs, human dimensioning lab, the Goldstein Museum of Design, and the online design resource InformeDesign®.



Prospective Students

Minimum Admission Requirements:  Students applying to the housing studies track must have successfully completed with grades of C or better: 6 semester credits of housing or related social science coursework for a master’s, and 9 semester credits for a Doctorate.  Related coursework may be in disciplines such as anthropology, American studies, economics, geography, political science, psychology and/or sociology.  Academic records of students will be evaluated on an individual case basis.


Information on Funding and Tuition:  Financial support in the form of graduate assistantships is available on a limited basis and is based upon the expertise of the student and the needs of the department. Assistantship offers will not be made until after the student has been accepted into the program.  Assistantship availability is not guaranteed.   More information.


Housing Studies Certificate Program

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