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Forms can be found at the bottom of the page.


One Stop:  The University of Minnsota's One Stop student services website is a central information resource for students, faculty, and staff.  Information related to registration, finances, and services can be found here:  http://onestop.umn.edu.


Course Schedules:  Twostop is a quick and easy way to look up couse schedules by semester.  It also includes course descriptions.


Late Fees:  You must be registered prior to the first day of the semester in order to avoid a late fee.


Tuition:   Tuition for credits between 6-14 are charged as a flat fee.   So 6 credits and 14 credits cost the same.  However, any credits over 14 will be charged at an additional fee per credit.


Grade Basis:  The minimum credit requirements on the Graduate Degree Plan must be taken A/F unless the course is only offered S/N.  Courses beyond the minimum credit requirements may be taken S/N if approved by the student’s program committee.  


Graduate Registration Exception Request:  https://www.grad.umn.edu/current-students/forms


Incompletes:  Design graduate students may have no more than 8 credits of incompletes on the official degree program at one time.  The student is expected to meet with the adviser to discuss a plan to complete the incomplete credits.  If the incompletes have not been removed within one year, a hold will be placed on the student’s record. 


4xxx Level Coursework:  The number of 4xxx level credits on the official program is not to exceed nine credits.


Directed (Independent) Studies and Directed (Independent) Readings:  These courses require a contract that must be submitted prior to registration (see below). No more than 6 credits of Directed Studies and 6 credits of Readings may appear on a student’s program.  Once the contract has been completed and signed by the faculty adviser, the student submits the contract to the graduate program assistant, who provides the permission number




Master's Plan A:  Students are required to register for 10 thesis credits (DES 8777).


Master's Plan B Project:   Graduate students set up a schedule with the adviser for the completion of the project and paper, and register for 3 credits of 8222 Plan B Master’s Project with the appropriate Track-specific designator.  Students must submit a signed contract to the Graduate Program Coordinator (see below for form).


MFA Creative Thesis:  GDes 8990 - M.F.A. Creative Thesis is a two semester course sequence. The student registers for six credits per semester, under the guidance of the adviser (for a total of 12 credits).  This is the course during which students complete the creative project.  These courses require a contract that must be submitted prior to registration (see below). 




PhD Students


Thesis (Dissertation) and Pre-Thesis Credits:  PhD students are required to take a minimum of 24 thesis credits - DES 8888.  Students may take up to 10 thesis credits prior to passing the Preliminary Oral Exam.  However, this requires the approval of your advisor and a written contract.  Once the contract has been submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator and approved by the Director of Graduate Studies, you will be able to register for thesis credits. 


Pre-Thesis Credits can be taken in situations where the student is not qualified to take thesis credits but needs to register as a fulltime student.  However, pre-thesis credits do not count toward any degree requirement.


DES 8444:    If you have completed all your coursework, 24 thesis credits, and passed both the written and oral preliminary exams, you may be eligible to register for

one credit of a special registration category that will maintain your fulltime status.  This requires your advisor's approval and signature on a form that must be completed each semester that you are registered under 8444 (see below).   This may affect your eligibility for health insurance, see OneStop or GSSP for more info.


Grad 999:  Students will be premitted to register for this under only rare circumstances, and requires the permission of the department head.


If you are not sure what to register for, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator.




Dissertation Contract

Contract - Use for Directed Study, Plan B Master's Project, MFA Creative Thesis

DES 8444 Form



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