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Design Graduate Program - New Students


MAIN OFFICE:   The main office for the Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel is in 240 McNeal Hall on the St. Paul campus. 


ORIENTATION: The fall semester begins the Tuesday after Labor Day. However, the week prior to the beginning of school, there are several orientation sessions for new students, including a mandatory Design Graduate Program Orientation.  You will receive notification about the date, time, and place during the summer.


EMAIL:  Be sure to activate your U email as soon as possible and check it regularly prior to arrival on campus. This will be the U’s and the department’s official means of communicating with you. You will also be added to the department’s listservs using this email address.


REGISTRATION:  You must register the semester of your admission to activate your student status. To maintain your active status as a graduate student, you must register each fall and spring term.  If you must delay your entry, please contact us as soon as possible. 


Please consult your adviser prior to registering.   Please note that many faculty member sare not on staff during the summer.  Attached for your convenience is a Coursework Planning Sheet specific to your track.  Courses are selected in consultation with your adviser and committee members.   


You can register for classes by logging into www.myu.umn.edu and clicking on “Academics” in the left-hand bar. 


  • You must be registered for at least one course prior to the first day of classes or else you will be charged a late fee. You can change or add classes afterwards, but please pay attention to the deadlines for dropping and adding classes.

  • International students will not be able to register for classes until you have gone through the Immigration Check-In at ISSS after your arrival.

  • Graduate courses at the U are four digit numbers that begin with either a 5xxx or 8xxx.

  • Students typically take nine credits each semester; six is required to maintain fulltime status, which is especially important for international students.

  • The fulltime tuition rate includes total credits between 6-14 per semester, beyond that you will be required to pay the additional amount.

To find a planning worksheet for your degree see:  Degree Planning Worksheet


STUDENT FEES:  Students are required to pay certain fees, which vary according your situation. See https://onestop.umn.edu/finances/fees


UCARD: As soon as possible when you arrive on campus, you should get your UCard at Coffman Union or the St. Paul Student Center (they will take a picture), as lines get longer the closer it gets to the beginning of the semester. Your UCard is your official ID, as well as your library card, your access card to the exterior doors and the DHA office in McNeal Hall, and a means to pay for copies, campus dinging, and vending machines.


BUS PASS: The U operates free shuttle buses around and between campuses. Students also receive a discounted rate for a U-Pass, which will give you access to the city’s buses and the light rail. See http://www1.umn.edu/pts/bus/upass.html


PAYROLL: Questions regarding payroll, health insurance, and fellowship matters should be directed to Julie Hillman jhillman@umn.edu.


MAILBOXES: You will have your own mailbox in the DHA main office in 240 McNeal Hall. Please check it regularly.


MORE NEW STUDENT RESOURCES:  Graduate School New Student Orientation Information 2019



INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: The ISSS website has information specific to new international students: www.isss.umn.edu/new.  Please also be sure to read all your emails for important instructions from the University.


  • You will need to schedule an Immigration Check-In Session, which can be done online prior to your arrival. You should choose a session closest to your arrival date.


  • You must have completed the Global Gopher Online Orientation prior to attending the Immigration Check-In Session.

  • IMPORTANT: Students on an F-1 visa who will be graduate instructors will need a signed “Verification of F-1 Student’s On-Campus Employment” from the department to take to the Check-In Session. Please see the administrator in the DHA main office BEFORE your Check-In Session.



Temporary Housing:  Inexpensive temporary on-campus housing is available through the International Reception Center from approximately mid-July to the start of Welcome Week.  For more information, see https://housing.umn.edu/international/temporary-housing


International students may use the free Gopher Chauffeur service for transportation from the airport to campus on arrival. For more information, see https://boynton.umn.edu/gopher-chauffeur.




Contact Information

College of Design

Saint Paul Offices

32 McNeal Hall, 1985 Buford Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108

P: 612-626-9068 | F: 612-625-1922

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Minneapolis Offices

101 Rapson Hall, 89 Church St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

P: 612-626-9068 | F: 612-625-7525

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