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Design Graduate Program:  GPAS


For Students Entering the Program Fall 2016 and Later:   Students who entered the program Fall 2016 or after will use GPAS instead of the paper Graduate Degree Plan. 


Access GPAS:    MyU>Academics>Degree Progress>Graduate Planning and Audit System. Also see instructions: GPAS


Transfer coursework:   must be approved by the student's advisor and committee. Coursework from international institutions need additional approval from the Gradute Admissions Office, which the Graduate Program Coordinator will obtain. GPAS students should NOT use the transfer credit funtction in GPAS.  All students should use the Transfer Credit Approval form.   Download form.


Courses Not Allocated:  At the bottom of  the "Plan By My Requirements" page is a section titled "Courses Not Allocated."  Most students will have courses that fall here and must be moved to the appropriate requirement section (for example, all minor and Related Field coursework will automatically go here.)  Please fill out the "Course Allocation and Substitution Approval" form, have it signed by your advisor, and submit it to the Graduate Program Coordinator.  You can do this as often as necessary, preferably each semester if applicable.  Download form. 


Courses Fulfilling the Incorrect Requirement:  If a course has been allocated to the incorrect requirement, it can be moved by using the "Course Allocation and Substitution Approval" form. See above.


Planned Coursework (Blue Stars):  Blue stars representing planned courses appearing on the audit may have added them using the “Plan” tab.   Only the student can remove these by accessing the same tab.  



Declared Minor:  If you need to move a course for a declared minor, you must contact that program’s Director of Graduate Studies or Graduate Program Coordinator.


Planning Sheets:   Students on GPAS should also complete a planning sheet. Planning sheets are in Word and can be edited directly.  Be sure to save a copy for future changes.


Adding a Master's:  PhD students on GPAS who wish to add a master's degree should see GPAS Adding a Master's Along the Way.



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