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Adviser:  Graduate students are assigned an adviser upon admission into the program; track faculty carefully determine the best fit. Adviser assignments are based on the student’s area of interest and the availability of advisers.  Students may choose to change advisers once they become familiar with faculty and their expertise. With the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies, students have the option of changing advisers if the new adviser is available and willing.  Advisers must be members of the graduate faculty at the Member/Advising or Senior Member level.  Changes to the advisor are made by the Graduate Program Coordinator.


Committee:  An examining committee is formed by the student in consultation with the adviser.   Students should discuss appropriate examining committee members with their advisers, then make an appointment to ask the proposed committee members if they would be willing and available to serve on the examining committee.  Once the student has met with the committee, the student should have all committee members sign the Program Approval Form (see below), which is then submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator.



Master's Committee:  A minimum of three committee members must be selected: two from Design (one of whom is the student’s adviser), and one from the supporting area or minor field.  


Doctoral Committee:  A minimum of four committee members must be selected: three from Design (one of whom is the student’s adviser), and one from the supporting area or minor field.  


Some faculty may be designated for more than one track; in this case, the Director of Graduate Studies will ensure that the external committee member is solely representative of the other track when approving the Official Degree Program.


MFA and PhD Students:  Another track within the Design Graduate Program may be selected as a related field or supporting area of study, but not as a declared minor.  Outside examiners must be associated with a track other than the student’s.


Preliminary Written Examination Committee Composition (PhD) The examining committee for the Preliminary Written Examination is composed of the student’s adviser and the members of the student’s graduate program committee representing the Design Graduate Program.  The external member may participate at the discretion of the Preliminary Written Examination Committee.  If a formal minor is completed by the student, the minor’s policy related to their participation in this exam is followed.


Online Submission/Update of Committee:  After the student's committee has signed off on the program form, the student must submit the committee onlineto the graduate school:  One Stop Examination  Committees.  The committee must be approved online prior to the student scheduling the preliminary oral exam.


DHA Forms:

Program Approval Form (signed by committee)

Change Advisor or Committee Members


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