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Dress, History, and Culture:  Bye, DeLong, Wu

Product Development:  Bye, DeLong, Dunne, Griffin, Holschuh

Retail Merchandising and Consumer Studies:  Im, Kim, Wu


ELIZABETH (Missy) BYE, Ph.D., Professor                                                                               ebye@umn.edu


Dr. Missy Bye’s scholarship balances published research and creative works with a focus on apparel technology including sizing and fit of wearable products, human factors in the design of wearable products, and technology and tradition. Current projects include a contract with 3M for protective apparel and the development of culturally sensitive activewear for and with Somali girls. She received the International Textiles and Apparel Association Lectra Innovation award for faculty research twice, both for projects conducted with graduate students.  She received the College of Design Outstanding Teaching Award. Dr. Bye is the department head of Design, Housing and Apparel, and is the incoming president-elect of ITAA.



MARILYN DeLONG, Ph.D., Professor                                                                                              mdelong@umn.edu


Professor Marilyn DeLong focuses her research upon design history, education, perception, and material culture. Her recent published works include Color and Design (2012) and journal articles in Research Journal of Textile and Apparel (2013), Textile History (2013), Clothing and Textiles Research Journal (2012), Journal of Creative Education (2012), and Textile: Journal of Cloth and Culture.  DeLong is the co-editor of Fashion Practice, The Journal of Design,Creative Process & the Fashion industry. She co-curated a 2013 exhibition, Redefining, Redesigning Fashion: Design for Sustainability.  Awards include the Award for Innovation and Mission Advancement, College of Human Ecology, University of Minnesota; Prentice Hall Lecturer, ITAA Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.; Buckman Professor of Design Education, University of Minnesota; Lifetime Achievement in Design & Aesthetics, ITAA, Cincinnati, Ohio.  She is an International Textiles and Apparel Association Charter Fellow.



LUCY DUNNE, Ph.D., Professor                                                                                                      ldunne@umn.edu


Associate Professor Lucy Dunne directs the Wearable Technology Lab, which concentrates on the intersection of clothing and technology through the development of smart clothing,  e-textiles, and intelligent clothing systems. Dr. Dunne has received the NASA Silver Achievement Medal, and the National Science Foundation CAREER award, as well as the Lectra awards for both Teaching and Research. She was named the 2012 ITAA Rising Star. Research in the Wearable Technology Lab addresses topics like augmenting sensory perception, embedding soft sensors into clothing for detecting and monitoring body signals, and developing processes for mass-manufacture of smart clothing. Dr. Dunne holds faculty appointments in Apparel Studies, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Human Factors and Ergonomics, and the Institute for Healthcare Informatics. 



LINSEY GRIFFIN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor                                                                            lgriffin@umn.edu

Assistant Professor Linsey Griffin co-directs the Human Dimensioning© Laboratory.  Dr. Griffin specializes in the development of wearable products for the medical and protective equipment industries.  Central to her design research are anthropometrics, sizing and fit; textile and material application; human factors; technical apparel design; apparel technology; and interdisciplinary product development processes. She has conducted wearable product research with organizations including the UMN Medical Center, Park Nicollet Health Services, 3M, and NASA. Eight years of international apparel industry experience in the United States, England, South Korea, India, and Spain inform Dr. Griffin's design, research and teaching perspectives.  Her research has been published in the Journal of Medical Devices; International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology, and Education; Journal of Construction Engineering Management; and other journals.



BRAD HOLSCHUH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor                                                                   bth@umn.edu


Assistant Professor Brad Holschuh co-directs the Wearable Technology Lab. Dr. Holschuh's research focuses on the use of wearable technology to improve human performance both in space and on Earth. He is specifically interested in developing wearable smart systems using active materials, onboard sensing and computing systems, and advanced additive manufacturing techniques to address a variety of challenges in biomedical, military, athletic, commercial, and space scenarios. Dr. Holschuh previously worked with NASA to develop advanced space suit technologies for future exploration missions. His work encompasses wearable technology, human factors of extreme environments, textile engineering, aerospace engineering / bioastronautics, materials science, and biomedical device development. His recent work has appeared in Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance, Smart Materials and Structures, and IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics, and has served on multiple National Academy of Medicine committees to address challenges in aerospace medicine.



HYUNJOO IM, Ph.D., Associate Professor                                                                                    hjim@umn.edu


Professor Hyunjoo Im focuses her research on consumer psychology, particularly perception and processing of information in a multichannel retail environment.  Her recent research topics include social coupon marketing effect, online consumer engagement, and consumer perception of digital products. Her research appeared in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Studies (2013), Journal of Service Management (2012),  Clothing and Textiles Research Journal (2012), and Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing (2012). Her research has been recognized by the Pan-pacific Business Research Institute with a best paper award.



HYE-YOUNG KIM, Ph.D., Associate Professor                                                                           hykim@umn.edu


Associate Professor Hye-Young Kim's research interests include consumer-retailer relationships, luxury brand consumption, and retailer branding. Her recent work appeared in the International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research (2015), Journal of Human Sciences and Extension (2014), Clothing & Textiles Research Journal (2014), Journal of Relationship Marketing (2013), International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management (2012), and International Journal of Consumer Studies (2012). Kim’s research with her collaborators has been recognized as a Best Paper/Paper of Distinction by several professional organizations, including Global Marketing Conference (2012, 2014), International Textile and Apparel Association (2007, 2008, 2010), and American Collegiate Retailing Association (2005, 2008, 2011). 



JUANJUAN WU, Ph.D., Associate Professor                                                                               jjwu@umn.edu


Associate Professor Juanjuan Wu focuses her research on merchandise display, fashion studies, and co-design communities and crowdsourcing in online retailing. Her research has been published in the International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management (2013), Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management (2013), Research Journal of Textile and Apparel (2013), Journal of Global Fashion Marketing (2012), and Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture (2012). She guest edited the Contemporary Chinese Fashion special issue of Fashion Practice: The Journal of Design, Creative Process & the Fashion Industry (2012). She continues to author books: Chinese Fashion from Mao to Now (2009), Fashion Industry & City Civilization (2010). Her collaborative research has been recognized by the International Textiles and Apparel Association (Paper of distinction-merchandising track, 2010), and by the Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Business (ESRAB Award for Research, 2012).


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