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Ann C. Ziebarth, Ph.D.



Research Focus

Dr. Ann Ziebarth focuses her research on the impacts of demographic, economic, and policy change for rural America.  As a rural sociologist, her work examines housing as an indicator of these changes for people living in small towns and rural areas.  Currently, her research projects include a study regarding the conversion of second homes to year-round residences in high amenity rural counties and a second project addressing rural rental housing in Minnesota.  In addition, Ziebarth is interested in issues of rural design and documenting them using visual sociology methodologies.


Specialties & Expertise

  • Housing Issues in Small Towns & Rural Places

  • Housing Policy

  • Rural Sociology

  • Renting in Rural Ameria

  • Migrant Worker Housing

  • Employer Assisted Housing

Course Titles

  • HSG 2401 Introduction to Housing

  • HSG 4465 Housing in a Global Perspective

  • HSG 5160 Special Topics Health and Housing

  • HSG 5484 Rural Housing Issues

  • HSG 8467 Theoretical Perspectives in Housing Studies

  • HSEM 3010 Women, Housing, & Public Policy

  • DES 1905 The Big House: Prisons and Housing     

  • DES 1905 Beyond the Suburbs: Living and Working in Rural America

Selected Scholarship

  • Gkartzios, M. & Ziebarth, A. (2016). Brown, D.L. & Shucksmith (Ed). International Handbook of Rural Studies. (pp.495-508). New York: Routledge.
  • Hwang, E. & Ziebarth, A. (2016). Walkability features for seniors in two livable communities: A case study. Housing and Society 42(3), 207-221.
  • Ziebarth, A. (2015). Renting in Rural America. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 44(1), 88-104.

  • Ziebarth, A. & Crump, C. (2015 Fall).  Rural Midwest Housing Remains Complex and Diverse. Rural Voices. 20(3),14-19.

  • MacTavish, K., Ziebarth, A. & George, L. (2014). In C. Bailey, L. Jensen, & R. Ransom (Eds.) Rural America in a Globalizing World. (pp 677-692). Morgantown, WV: University of West Virginia Press.

  • Ziebarth, A. (2013, Fall). Review of the book Inclusionary Housing in International Perspective: Affordable Housing, Social Inclusion, and Land Value Recapture. Cambridge: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Journal of Planning & Educational Research 33(33), 367-369.

  • Deller, S., Erkkila, D., Gartner, B., Green, G., Marcouiller, D., Skidmore, M., Vogt, C., Winkler, M., & Ziebarth, A. (2013). Recreational Homes, Amenities, and Destination Regions. N4012-01. Madison: UWExtension Cooperative Extension.

  • Ziebarth, A. (2012). Rural Housing in A.T. Canswell (Ed). Encyclopedia of Housing (2nd Edition) pp. 642-647.

  • Choi, Y., Ziebarth, A., Hwang, E., & Koh, S. (2012). Intentions of Nursing Home Entry Among Elderly Residents in Jeju, Korea. Housing & Society. 993 (1) pp. 29-49.

  • Ziebarth, A. & Steggell, C. (Eds.) (2012). A Field Guide to Housing Theory (2nd Edition)

  • Ziebarth, A. (2010). Exurbanization, Homeownership and the Working Poor. In D.W. Marcouiller, M. Lapping, and O. Furuseth (Eds.) Rural Housing, Exurbanization and Amenity-Driven Development (pp. 175-192). Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing Limited.

  • Ziebarth, A. (2010). Discourse, Discrimination, & Domicide. Paper presented at International Sociology Association World Congress. Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • Ziebarth, A. (2009). Housing heroines: A tradition of social action research. Housing and Society, 36(1), 57-74.

  • Ziebarth, A. (2006). Housing seasonal workers for the Minnesota processed vegetable industry. Rural Sociology. 71(2), 335-357.

  • Hwang, E. & Ziebarth, A. (2006). The impacts of different aspects of residential environments on housing satisfaction among Korean American Elders. Housing and Society, 33(2), 53-72.

Professional, Institutional, and Community Leadership and Service

  • Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter, Co-Advisor, 2012-2014.

  • Housing Studies Program, Program Director, 2010-2013.

  • College of Design Faculty Consultative Committee, 2010-2011.

  • Housing Education & Research Association, President, 2009-2010.

  • University Faculty Senate, 2008-2011.

  • Rural Sociology Society, Membership chair, 2008-2009, 2011-2012, A. (2015).

  • College of Design Diversity Committee, chair, 2006-2007, member 2010-2011.

  • Reviewer for Introduction to Housing textbook, 2005.



  • 2016 Housing Impact Award from the Housing Education and Research Association (HERA).




Professor Emeritus


Housing Studies Program


Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel


1985 Buford Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55108-6136





Student Quotes:
"I am a housing studies major and have also had her for DHA 5484. She is a great prof if you get to know her. She is also a great asset when looking into concentrations and career opportunities. Her classes are straight-forward but require more work than other DHA courses. Show up to class and read everything! She's a lot of fun."
"I wasn't interested in the class prior to attending - but found myself actually interested in some of the content throughout the semester. It is definitely a class in which going to the lectures helps a TON when it comes to the assignments and tests, but overall the course is not too difficult. She is approachable and helpful."
"Very friendly and approachable, and is a pretty good lecturer. She's a bit fast but the classes are manageable as long as you study hard-I recommend going to class everyday. This class is quite interesting and covers a variety of housing topics that I really liked learning about."






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