The books included in this section “derive from science and the resulting

technology that derives from science,” as aptly described by Lewis Thomas in his

introduction to Horace Judson’s The Search for Solutions listed here in two

groups, they usually express a physical science or engineering viewpoint of color.

The first group consists of titles that are written for an arts audience or focus

on design concerns -- Science and Technology: Design and Applied Art. The

second group --Color Science and Technology -- consists of specialized books that

address specific topics such as the physics of color and light, colorimetry,

physiology of color vision, and perception.

    In both groups features of special interest and discussions that are

reasonably accessible to the interested design reader are pointed out. A few titles

that require considerable prior knowledge are included for their value as definitive

references in the field.

    Highlighted books are especially recommended to readers who do not have

a strong background in this field. Their clear and well-illustrated explanations make

them accessible to the motivated reader who seeks more information. Books so

dense with mathematical symbolism that they are comprehensible only to scientists

are included only if they have some reasonably accessible sections. Since this

category consists of scholarly and well-documented books, we only point out

shortcomings that are exceptions to this pattern.