Books in this broad group examine how humans respond to color and

emphasize the behavioral aspects of color perception, color psychology, color

preference, and color and culture. A few older titles are included for their historic


    The books are arranged in three groups according to their focus or

viewpoint. The first group is most closely related to design concerns or written for

a visual arts audience: Human Response: Design and Applied Art. A few

specialized books on color psychology, with information for marketing, are also

included here.

    Books with a broader scope constitute a second group: Human Response:


    Books on the psychology of color typically include information on

biological, visual, emotional, and psychic responses to color and light. Some also

address color associations, symbolism, and color preferences, and a few books

look at color and culture.

    More general titles written from a color psychology viewpoint are listed here

under Color Vision and Perception. These publications on perception deal with

how we see and understand color.

    The highlighted recommended books are clearly written and illustrated,

explain as they go, and do not require detailed prior knowledge on the part of the

reader. The interested reader without a strong background in these areas should

begin with these.

    Books on color science or written from a color science viewpoint — on the

physiology of vision, for example—are listed in the next section, Science and