Books on color in the Designed Environment -- which includes the natural

as well as the built environment -- are organized into four groups: Architecture,

Interior Design, Landscape Gardening, and Lighting and Color. Some of these

books include excellent discussions of the role of color as a component in the

design process. Since many books on the designed environment are written for

practitioners and are generally accepted at face value for their usefulness, special

note is made when authors document or reveal their sources.

Specialized texts for architecture and interior design students are included

here. The books on interior design cover mainly residential, but also nonresidential

interiors, while the discussion of color in architectural design is generally within the

context of community design. Of the many books on lighting design, the titles

included here address color as well as lighting.

Since preferences and practices related to architecture and interiors evolve

and change, the highly recommended books in this category are present information

that remains relevant, provide a background in color theory, give specific applications

and guidelines, and are well illustrated in color. Highly recommended books listed

under Landscape Gardening support color-conscious gardening.