The books listed under Apparel address aspects of color in apparel, fiber

arts, and dye technology for cloth, fibers, and paper. They range from texts for

college-level clothing design courses to popular books on color selection for

personal wardrobes. Selected books on textile design are to be found under Fiber

Arts, with books on weaving and quilt design best represented. The Textile

Dyeing books present some overview of the nature of color, although most focus

on practical information on a variety of dyeing methods.

    Because taste, practices, and materials are subject to change, timeliness of

information is an especially important criterion for the highly recommended

books. The best clothing design books review color principles and address color as

an important design element. The recommended fiber arts books provide broad

theoretical information on color as well as practical application and encourage

hands-on experience and creativity. In addition to compiling technical information

the recommended dye books offer some discussion of the nature of color, explain

the use of color in the design process, or include a historical perspective.