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Design, Housing, and Apparel Selected Theses and Dissertations Selected Theses and Disserations (Recent)

Master of Arts Plan A

Bukoski, Kate A.  2004.  Recent Graphic Design Historiography: An Examination of the Documentation of Will H. Bradley in Three Histories of Graphic Design.  Design Communication.

Chaney, Mary Alice.  2006.  Hmong with an American Perspective:  The Role of Hmong Embroidery in the Life of a Second Generation Hmong Woman.  Apparel.

Gardner, Carina.  2004.  Naturally and Unnaturally Colored Objects: A Look at Perception and Working Memory.  Design Communication.

Heinemann, Barbara.  2003.  "Appearance and the Self" Revisiting Gregory P. Stone's 1962 Theoretical Framework in the 21st Century.  Apparel.

Kapstein, Claire S.  2004.  Evolving Aging Interactions in Women Over 65: Consequences for Establishing New Apparel Design Criteria.  Apparel.

Leonard, Katherine J.  2003.  Color Preferences for Clothing and Interior Spaces in Relation to Self-Monitoring in College Age Women.  Apparel.

Megan, Mary E.  2003.  Color Trends, Color Trend Adopters and Merchandising Methods of High Color Profile Tabletop Products.  Design Communication.

Reiley, Kathryn J.  2003.  The Vintage Clothing Market, Consumer, and Wearer in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN (2002).  Apparel.

Zhao, Ying.  2003.  Women's Preference for Ski and Snowboard Handwear.  Apparel.

Master of Science Plan A

Deppe, Margaret A.  2005.  An Exploration of Mameluk Close Worked Herringbone Embroidery as the Historical Foundation of Early Twentieth Century Fellahi Cross Stitch Embroidery.  Apparel.

Kang, Minjeong.  2006.  Apparel Returns:  Influence of Fashion Innovativeness, Buying Impulsiveness, and Consideration of Leniency in Return Policies.  Apparel.

Kendall, Victoria A.  2004.  Factors Influencing Home Modification in Families who have a Dependent Elderly Relative in their Home.  Housing Studies.

Lee, Jaeha.  2006.  Business Strategies of Independent Retailers:  Effects of Environmental Hostility.  Apparel.

Lee, Seahee.  2004.  Successful Independent Retailers Sharing Markets with Big Box Retailers: How to Survive.  Apparel.

Peterson, Julie E.  2006.  Gregorc Learning Style Preferences of Selected Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota Interior Design Practitioners.  Interior Design.

Rhee, Jongeun.  2004.  Multichannel Shoppers:  Retail Channel Usage Among Rural Minnesota Consumers.  Apparel.

Salmi, Patricia O.  2003.  An Exploration of Critical Factors for Accessibility and Wayfinding for Adults with Mental Retardation.  Interior Design.

Smoot, Amanda.  2004.  Psychosocial Characteristics and their Influence on the Propensity for Homeownership Among Low-income Single-Parent Women.  Housing Studies.

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Master of Fine Arts

Arango, Mauricio.  2003.  La Distancia (The Distance).  Multimedia.

Bender, Ann M.  2006.  Grassroots Usability:  A Study of Practical Approaches for Web Site Usability Testing.  Interactive Design.

Bruski, Paul.  2005.  A Legible Cartography?  Place and Image in Dayton's Bluff.  Multimedia.

Dimock, Thomas C.  2003.  Ancient to Modern:  A Study of an Icon.  Multimedia.

Dodge, Erika.  2006.  Channeling Creativity:  A Critical Examination of the Ideation Process of Creative Professionals.  Interactive Design.

Koch, Beth E.  2006.  Exploring the Affective Nature of Electronic Learning Environments.  Interactive Design.

Layon, Kristofer C.  2004.  Alvar Aalto and Human Modernism:  Representing Finnish Design in Multimedia.  Multimedia.

Schwarte, Adrienne.  2005.  Pop-up Windows vs Banner Advertisement Effectiveness Study: Comparing the Effect of Distinctiveness and Abrupt Onset.  Multimedia.

Sherayzen, Yuriy.  2005.  Calc Booster:  An Interactive Calculus Crash Course for Beginners.  Multimedia.

Wagner, Peter A.  2004.  Play Ball!  Using New Media Activist Design to Play Hard Ball with Political and Social Issues.  Multimedia.

Doctor of Philosophy

Akou, Heather M.  2005.  Macrocultures, Migration, and Somali Malls:  A Social History of Somali Dress and Aesthetics.  Apparel.

Botkin, Mary M.  2003.  The Theatre Costumes of Leon Gischia:  A Study in Aesthetic Experience.  Apparel.

Braaten, Ann Wiley.  2005.  German from Russia Immigrants' Shawls Brought to the U.S.A.:  A Material Culture Study.  Apparel.

Bukoski, Kate.  2006.  Exploring Networks of Relations in the Graphic Design Profession.  Design Communication.

Chida, Meriem.  2006.  Tunisian Dress 1881-1987 and New Nation Building.  Apparel.

Douah, Remi.  2006.  In Her Own Words:  Uncovering a Life Experience Woven into the African American Quilt-Making Tradition.  Apparel.

Gardner, Carina.  2007.  Perception of Color and Form in Working Memory:  A Comparison of Photographic, Illustrative, and Typographic Forms.  Design Communication.

Gibbs, Richard W.  2007.  Identifying the Factors of Meaning in the Home.  Interior Design.

Hwang, Eunju.  2004.  Desire to Age in Place Among Korean American Elders in Minnesota.  Housing Studies.

Kang, Jihyun.  2004.  The Effect of Light on the Movement of People.  Interior Design.

Kang, Mihyun.  2004.  The Analysis of Environmentally Sustainable Interior Design Practice.  Interior Design.

Kapstein, Claire.  2006.  Fashioning the Self:  An Exploration of the Sartorial Decisions of Professional Women over Age 60.  Apparel.

Lee, Hyunjeong.  2003.  Independent Living of the Elderly in Senior Co-op and Rental Housing: Residential Mobility and Satisfaction.  Housing Studies.

Leonard, Katherine.  2007.  Women's Perceptions of Their Appearances in Their Professional Carrers Between 1950 and 1975.  Apparel.

Lutz, Hazel A.  2003.  Design and Tradition in an India-West Africa Trade Textile:  Zari- Embroidered Velvets.  Apparel.

McKinney, Ellen.  2007.  Towards a Three-Diemnsional Theory of Pattern Drafting:  Relationship of Body Measurements and Shapes to Pattern Measurements and Shapes.  Apparel.

Medvedev, Katalin.  2006.  If This Dress Could Speak:  Sartorial Resistance of the Hungarian Socialist Woman 1948-1968.  Apparel.

Salmi, Patricia.  2007.  Identifying and Evaluating Critical Environmental Wayfinding Factors for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.  Interior Design.

Schwartz, Rodney Allen.  2006.  The European Overdecoration of Oriental Porcelain in the 18th Century.  Design Communication.

Shio, Thadeus.  2006.  Housing Experiences of Somali Immigrants in the Twin Cities, Minnesota -- Housing Careers Perspective.  Housing Studies.

Stevens, Elka M.  2002.  Construction of Personal and Social Identities Through Contemporary Apperance Practices of Ghanaian Women in the United States.  Apparel.

Trice, Fancy.  2004.  Drawing and the Design Process: An Examination of Design Methods Used by Award Winning Illustrators of Children's Books.  Design Communication.

Winge, Theresa M.  2004.  The Modern Primitives' Body Modification Experiences Explored Using Hermeneutic Phenomenology.  Apparel.

Wu, Juanjuan.  2005.  Chinese Perceptions of Western-Branded Denim Jeans:  A Shanghai Case Study.  Apparel.

Yoo, Jeong-Ju.  2005.  Appearance-Related Teasing and Self-Objectification of Ethnically Diverse Adolescent Girls.  Apparel.

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