Design Graduate Program Handbook & Forms

Housing Design

The Graduate Program Handbook provides information for students and faculty about policies and procedures and is supplemental to the University of Minnesota's Graduate School Catalog.  Program policies are enclosed in text boxes.  Students and faculty are notified via e-mail of changes to policies and procedures, and the web version of the handbook is updated annually. 

The index for each section of the handbook is on page 1 of the pdf file.

Design Graduate Program Handbook:

Section A:  General Information

Section B:  Master's of Arts/Master's of Science

Section C:  Master's of Fine Arts-Graphic Design

Section D:  Doctoral Degree

Section E:  Employment

Section F:  Student Life


Degree Completion Checklists -- updated regularly during the Graduate School restructuring process:

Master's Plan A

Master's Plan B

Master of Fine Arts

Doctor of Philosophy

Appointment Scheduling Form

Graduate School Petition:
Graduate School Petition

Preliminary Written Exam Scheduling Form:

Preliminary Written Exam Scheduling Form

Frequently Requested Policies & Procedures:
Timely Progress Guidelines
Preliminary Written Examination (Ph.D.)
Preliminary Oral Examination (Ph.D.)