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Design Graduate Program: Program Data


Diversity of Our Students.


From 2011-2014, students of the following ethnicities have been enrolled in our program: American Indian, Asian American, Black, Hawaiian.


Also in that timeframe, the majority of our International Students have been from Korea, with the following countries also represented:  Bangladesh, Belarus, China, Columbia, India, Iran, Kuwait, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Wales.



Term enrolled



Ethnicity other than Caucasian

Fall 2014



Fall 2013



Fall 2012





Graduation Rates.


Guidelines for degree completion, for students attending full time:


Master of Arts/Master of Science, minimum of 34 credits:     4 semesters

Master of Fine Arts, minimum of 60 credits:                             6 semesters

Doctor of Philosophy, minimum of 64 credits:                          6-8 semesters


In data for students admitted 2007-2011, the majority of students who attended full time completed their degrees in alignment with the guidelines; a few students completed their degrees with one extra semester.



Placement and Employment.


In a survey of 2013-2014 graduates from the Design Graduate Program,



3 out of 12 graduates responded to the survey (25.00%) Job Title

Assistant Professor

California State Polytechnic University

Postdoctoral Fellow

Singapore University of Technology and Design



Anecdotal information about placement for each Track (2010-2014), acquired through conversations with students and advisers:


Apparel Studies:  In the past five years, graduates acquired positions primarily in academia (80%, with 88% of those as tenure-track positions), business and industry (10%), design (5%), or non-profit organizations (5%). 


Graphic Design:  In the past five years, graduates acquired positions primarily in academia (73%, with 68% of those as tenure-track positions), working as designers (15%), business and industry (8%), or non-profit organizations (4%). 


Housing Studies:  In the past five years, graduates acquired positions academia (50%), government (25%), and non-profit organizations (25%). 


Interior Design:  In the past five years, graduates acquired positions in academia (45%, with 80% of those as tenure-track positions), and in business and industry (55%).



Admission to Advanced Degree Programs


The majority of master’s students entering the Design Graduate Program intend to pursue a terminal degree in preparation for positions in academia.  In Graphic Design, the MFA is also considered a terminal degree.  Of the students pursuing master’s degrees, the majority of the students complete the doctoral degree in this program.  For those who apply to other programs, they are well-prepared for doctoral study in other universities.




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