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Design, Housing, and Apparel Design Graduate Program-Degree Completion



1. Download the relevant DHA checklist for your degree and review (some of this informatin is also repeated below):




Master's Plan A Checklist

Master's Plan B Checklist

MFA Checklist

PhD Checklist


2.  Go to the Grad School checklist, which includes additional links and instructions: 




You many also want to call GSSP directly to make sure you have met all the requirements.  They are the ones who will do the review and grant the degree.


3.  Generate the Graduation Packet (you must be logged into the U to do this).  It will display the forms that you must have signed and submitted in order to receive your degree. 


IMPORTANT:  Master’s students must turn in the signed final exam/report form even if you did not take a final exam.


4.   Submit the Application for Degree at least the month prior to the month in which you want to graduate (for example, if you want to graduate in May, submit the application by the end of April).  This is a requirement separate from attending the commencement ceremony.


IMPORTANT:  For those of you who plan to complete their degrees during the summer or winter break, you must have everything—including all required forms—submitted to and approved by GSSP by the last business day of August or December (do not wait until the last day in case there are any problems).   If you miss this deadline, you will be required to register and pay for the fall semester.  You may not register for GRAD 999, except under extreme circumstances and only with the permission of the department.


5.   For students entering the program PRIOR to Fall 2016:  Make sure your Graduate Degree Plan matches the actual coursework you took and is listed in chronological order.  GSSP recommends that you only include the coursework required for your degree in order to prevent problems should you choose to seek a second degree sometime in the future. If there are any changes to be made, you will need to file a new plan and have it signed by your advisor(s) and any minor program.  But first send them to me to make sure they are correct before gathering signatures.  You should do this as soon as possibly since it takes 5-6 weeks for GSSP to process them.


For students entering the program Fall 2016 or Later:  You do not need to fill out the Graduate Degree Plan.  You do need to submit the Planner through GPAS.  Make sure that you have satisfied all the requirements.


6.   Make sure you have updated/submitted your final exam committee if necessary.  This requires several levels of approval.


7.   If you have a final oral exam, schedule a room with Kathy Guiney as soon as possible.  Please copy me on the request.  Your email should include the degree, track, and concentration; date and time of exam; and thesis title.


8.   General information about commencement can be found at:   http://design.umn.edu/current_students/info/commencement.html







Questions?  Contact us! dhagrad@umn.edu


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