dha College of Design

Marilyn R. DeLong, Ph.D.


Specialties & Expertise

  • Aesthetics

  • Sustainable Apparel Design

  • History & Material Culture

  • Fashion Trends

  • Cross-cultural Influence on Design

  • Socio-psychological Aspects of Clothing

Course Titles (resident and outreach teaching:

  • DHA 8166              Material Culture & Design 

  • DES 8167               Aesthetics of Design
  • DHA 8263              Innovation Theory
  • ApSt 5218              Fashion, Design and the Global Industry
  • ADES4121/ApSt5121 History of Costume
  • ADes 3223             Studio III
  • DHA 3217              Fashion, Trends & Visual Analysis  

Selected Scholarship

  • DeLong, M., Min, S., Casto, M., Berk, G. (2015). Sustainability in the Apparel Design Process.

    Fashion Practice, online Routledge Publications.

  • DeLong, M. Casto, M., McKinney, M. Min, S., Ramaswamy, H., Thoreson, N. (2014). Curating Cinderella: A holiday extravaganza at Marshall Field’s.  Fashion, Style & Popular Culture.  in focused issue, Curating Costume/Exhibiting Fashion, 2 ( 1), 45-63.

  • DeLong,  M. Heinemann, B. and Reiley, M.( 2014). Redefining, Redesigning Fashion:  Designs for Sustainability. Fashion Practice. 6:1, 125-130.

  • DeLong, M. (2014). Aesthetics, An Overview for Berg Fashion Library, online.

  • DeLong M. Casto, M.A., McKinney, M. (2013). Lessons Learned from Youth. Full paper in Proceedings of International Conference of Education, Research & Innovation. November 18-20, Seville, Spain. ISSN: 2010=4626, pp.647-656.

  • DeLong, M. Goncu-Berk, G. Bye, E. & Wu, J. (February 2013). Apparel Sustainability from a Local Perspective. Research Journal of Textile and .Apparel17(1), 59-69.

  • Braaten, A. & DeLong, M. (November 2013). Shawls of the Germans from Russia: Connections to the Past. Textile History. 44 ( 2), 197-213.

  • Sklar, M. & DeLong, M. (2012, October). Punk Dress in the Workplace: Aesthetic Expression and Accommodation. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal.  30(4), 285-299.

  • DeLong, M., Kahn, C., & Newell, J. (2012). Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy: Making a Difference through the Buckman Fellowship.  Journal of Creative Education.  3(6), 1158-1163.

  • DeLong, M., Park, J., & Wu, JJ. (2012). Tactile Response and Shifting Touch Preference, Textile: Journal of Cloth and Culture. 10(1), 44-60.

  • DeLong, M., Goncu-Berk, G., Bye, E., & Wu, J. (2011). Raising Awareness of Sustainable Practices through Educational Intervention.  Full paper in conference proceedings, International Technology, Education, and Development Conference. Valencia, Spain, March 7-9. 

  • DeLong, M. Geum, K. , Gage, K. , McKinney, E., Medvedev, K.,  &  Park, J. (2011). Cultural Exchange: Evaluating an Alternative Model in Higher Education, Journal of Studies in International Education  http://jsi.sagepub.com/ l-17.


Exhibition Curator

  • Redefining, Redesigning Fashion: Design for Sustainability. Exhibition co-curator, Goldstein Museum University of Minnesota, January 19-May 23, 2013.

  • From Mao to Now, Exhibition co-curator, Goldstein Museum, University of Minnesota, October, 2010-January, 2011.


Refereed Presentations

  • DeLong, M. Casto, M.A. Heinemann, B. Reiley K. November 2014. Fashion Thinking: Design as Prototype and Sustainability. Fashion Thinking, International conference discussing Fashion in theory, History, Practice. Kolding, Denmark.

  • Casto, M.A. and DeLong, M. November 2014. Etiquette of Dress: A Comparison of 1960 and 2010. ITAA conference,  Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Johnson, K., Williams, G. Heinemann, B., Jasper, C., DeLong, M. November 2014. Biographies and Legacies of Textile and Clothing Scholars: Methods and Substance. ITAA conference, Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Min, S., DeLong, M. LaBat, K. November 2014.  Exploring Flow in Apparel Design Process, ITAA conference, Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Lee, Y. and DeLong, M. November, 2014. A Comparison of Responses to Handcrafted Apparel Products among American and Korean Youth. ITAA conference, Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • DeLong M. Casto, M.A., McKinney, M. November, 2013. Lessons Learned from Youth. International Conference of Education, Research & Innovation. Seville, Spain. 

  • Wu, J. Hu, Y. Zu, DeLong, M. Chinese Fashion Designers’ New Approach to Retail. 2013. in Chinese Fashion at the Crossroads,  International Conference of Asian Scholars, Macau, China

Professional, Institutional, and Community Leadership and Service

  • Co-Editor of Fashion Practice, published twice per year, from 2009 (1.1)- to present (7.2)

  • College of Design, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, 2015-

  • All University Grand Challenges Research Team, 2015

  • University  of MN - Honors & Awards, 2012-2015

  • University of MN - Committee on Committees,  2013-2015

  • President, Advisory Council, South Dakota Art Museum, 2007-2015

  • Costume Society of America, Board of Directors, National, 2007-13

    •  Vice President:  Awards, Grants, & Honors, 2009-2013



  • College of Design Award for Excellence in Research, Spring, 2014

  • Scholars’ Roundtable-Costume Society of America, Philadelphia, 2011

  • Invited Keynote address, Donghua University, Shanghai  Fashion Week, China, May, 2009

  • College Award for Innovation and Mission Advancement, College of Human Ecology, 2006 

  • Prentice Hall Lecturer, ITAA Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., 2005

  • Buckman Professor of Design Education, UMN, 1996-2002

  • Distinguished Alumni Award, Service to Education, South Dakota State University, 2001

  • Award for Contribution to College & Community, College of Human Ecology, Spring, 2001

  • Lifetime Achievement in Design & Aesthetics, ITAA, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2000 



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