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Faculty Profile: Becky L. Yust

Becky L. Yust, Ph.D.

Specialties & Expertise

  • Housing adequacy and affordability
  • Housing decisions and theory
  • Energy consumption and conservation
  • Homeownership initiatives
Course Titles (resident and outreach teaching)
  • HSG 4461 Housing Development and Management
  • HSG 4467W/5467 Housing and the Social Environment
  • HSG 5471 Housing Studies Certificate Seminar
  • DES 8181 Research and Ethics
Selected Scholarship
  • Crull, S., Cook, C., Bruin, M., Yust, B., Shelly, M., Laux, S., Memken, J., Niemeyer, S., & White, B. (2009). Evidence of a housing decision chain in rural community vitality. Rural Sociology, 74(1), 113-137.

  • Yust, B., Bruin, M., Bellefuil, S., & Dodor, B. (2008). The Emerging Markets Homeownership Initiative: Pilot Organization and Participant Experiences. CURA Reporter, 38(3-4), 3-9.
  • Yust, B., Bruin, M., & Bellefuil, S. (2008). Innovation in design of affordable housing. Report to the McKnight Foundation, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Niemeyer, S., Cook, C., Memken, J., Crull, S., Bruin, M., White B., & Yust, B. (2006). Local housing and service decisions: Planning for aging adults in rural communities. Journal of Housing for the Elderly, 20(4), 4-22.
  • Yust, B., Laux, S., Bruin, M., Crull, S., Memken, J., White, B., Cook, C., & Niemeyer, S. (2006). Housing needs in rural communities. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, 98(4), 15-19.
  • Olson, W., Yust, B., & Cheple, M. (2006). Kitchens. Chapter 6 in Midwest House Planning Handbook (MWPS-16) (pp. 49-60). Ames, IA: Iowa State University Press.

  • Cook, C., Steggel, C., Suarez, A., & Yust, B. (2005). Housing affordability. In Merrill, J., Crull, S., Tremblay, K., Tyler, L., & Carswell, A. (Eds.), Introduction to Housing (pp.225-256). New York: Prentice Hall.
  • Jordan, C., Yust, B., Robison, L., Hannan, P., & Deinard, A. (2003). A randomized trial of education to prevent lead burden in high risk children: Efficacy as measured by blood lead monitoring. Environmental Health Perspectives, 111(16), 1947-1951.
  • Yust, B., Guerin, D., & Coopet, J. (2002). Residential energy consumption: 1987 to 1997. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 30(3), 323-350.
  • Hartje, S., Yust, B., Goetz, E., & Franklin, E. (2001). Twin tragedies in the Twin Cities: Childhood lead poisoning and the loss of affordable rental housing. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal. 29(3), 230-251.
  • Yust, B., & Memken, J. (2000). Housing as an indicator of rural vitality: The methodology. Housing and Society, 27(1), 7-15.
  • Guerin, D., Yust, B., & Coopet, J. (2000). Occupant predictors of household energy behavior and consumption change as found in energy studies since 1975. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 29(1), 48-80.
  • Cheple, M., & Yust, B. (1999). Moisture problems in houses built in 1991 and 1992 in Minnesota. Housing and Society, 26(1-3), 26-40.      

Professional, Institutional, and Community Leadership and Service

  • Housing and Society, Journal of the Housing Education and Research Association, Editor, 2008 to present.
  • Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, Housing Matters! Advisory Team, member, 2008.
  • St. Paul District 9 Comprehensive Plan Committee, Chair, 2004 to 2006.
  • Phillips Neighborhood Healthy Housing Collaborative- 1994 to 2003.
  • Housing Studies Program Committee, 1982 to present.
  • The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Blue Ribbon Award for the Educational Aids Competition, The House Handbook, 2006.
  • West 7th/Fort Road Federation Exceptional Service to the Community Award, 2002.
  • College of Human Ecology Educational Leadership Award, 1997.


Professor and Program Director

Housing Studies Program


Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel

246f McNeal Hall
1985 Buford Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55108-6136

(612) 624-7461